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Lean Enterprise Overview

Prosit's Lean Enterprise Consulting ModelTransforming an Enterprise, Organization, Division, Department or Operation requires more than just tools, it requires VISION, HARD WORK, EXPERTISE, and EXPERIENCE, in creating or transforming processes into Lean, Efficient, Customer-Based processes that support business strategy and positively affect the bottom line.

Knowledge of the Lean Tools is important, but a strategy to deploy them, and partnering with those who have mastered that is critical.

What is your Strategy?

Prosit believes strongly in identifying the fundamental opportunities for improvement and facilitating that discovery assessment by using the proven process of asking Why, Where, What and How?

Why uncovers the reasons the company wants to change, improve and what goals need to be achieved.

Where identifies the priority areas for improvement and where the most value could be gained.

What focuses on the tools necessary to accomplish the goals of the company while also fitting the priority areas unique requirements.

How deals with implementing these improvement changes, how employees, managers, executives are trained, how to secure adoption within the company and ensure long term adhesion to the new direction.

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