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Who is Prosit?

Prosit Business Consulting is a consulting firm specializing in Lean Enterprise implementations. Prosit's mission is to Provide value to our customers by improving operational excellence and profit maximization. Born from the faith that if we provide true benefit to the customer, our success will take care of itself.

The principal lean consultant, E.J. Lydon

EJ has worked in Manufacturing for over 25 years, more than 10 years experience working as a lean consultant and delivering lean services. With broad experience in managing organizations in many capacities, such as GM, VP Sales, and now Owner, EJ has:
  • Consulted with over 150 companies in the US and Internationally, in manufacturing and non-manufacturing industries
  • Facilitated over 350 Kaizen events
  • Been an invited presenter at trade and industry seminars and shows


EJ Lydon has extensive experience in Operations and Manufacturing management. He now passionately provides Advanced Process and Strategic consulting services to small to medium sized companies, focusing on Lean Enterprise methodologies with roots in the Toyota Production System. EJ has worked with Printing, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Machining and Fabrication, Automotive, Electronics, and Food Processing industries, to name a few. He is certified in the NIST Manufacturing Extension Program model of Lean education and deployment.

The Lean Consultants at Prosit provide Strategic or Hoshin Planning, Coaching and Leadership development, as well as focused Lean Enterprise Consulting and Training.

Many other services are available such as:

  • Project management.
  • Kaizen Training
  • TPM - Total Productive Maintenance
  • TWI - Training Within Industry
  • ATS - Analytical Trouble Shooting
  • Leadership and Supervisor Training
  • Lean Office Consulting


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